Entrepreneurship For Creative Minds


Who Can Join Us?

DG Club proudly opens its doors to an eclectic mix of individuals, bridging the gap between creativity and entrepreneurship. Our community is a haven for traditional artists, digital artists/illustrators, AI artists, art collectors, natural and wildlife photographers, and design professionals from every conceivable field. Alongside these creative talents, we warmly welcome online resellers—those with a knack for social media, a consistent online presence, and an interest in forging their path in the online retail world, regardless of their previous reselling experience. Whether you're looking to sell DG Club's partner or creator products to your audience or eager to craft your own designs with the help of AI art creation platforms, there's a place for you in our diverse ecosystem. Our program is tailored to encourage not just creators but also entrepreneurs who wish to dive into the creative world, offering an expansive platform for all to thrive. Join us in our mission to celebrate and promote the richness of artistic diversity and entrepreneurial spirit.

How We Support Creators:

For traditional artists, we provide free digitization of artworks using cutting-edge scanning technology. These digitized pieces become the basis for a range of customizable decor and gifting products. For creators from all fields, we offer complete online store setup under your personal branding. This includes setting up your online store, product manufacturing, order fulfillment, customer support, and social media marketing, enabling you to focus purely on your creative process.

Creators benefit from a substantial commission on sales from their store, fostering a sustainable income stream. We also offer in-depth online and offline workshops to guide new entrants in establishing their POD business.

How We Support Online Resellers:

we extend our support to those interested in creating their own designs. By leveraging AI art creation platforms, we open the doors for you to explore and enter the creative world, enriching our program with your unique contributions. This opportunity is not confined to experienced resellers; it’s open to all who are eager to make their mark in the online retail space, blending the essence of creativity with entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Product Range: 

Photo Gifts: This category includes customizable framed prints, canvas wraps, MDF base print wraps, acrylic prints, photo collage prints and photo print combos. Our user-friendly editor app allows for easy design uploads and customization.

Decor Prints: Featuring mural wallpapers, designer pattern wallpapers, printed curtain blinds, and wall art products. Creators can contribute designs to these categories, effectively launching their brand in our online marketplace. With plans to expand into apparel and branding category products, the possibilities for creators are limitless.

Collaborating with Us:

The process is straightforward - Sign Up as a creator/reseller with DG Club, creators attach your work samples or photos, and include your social media links. Once approved, our photo gifts category products are instantly synced to your profile, allowing you to start earning commissions right away. You can also contribute to our decor print category, where our team assists with backend setup to showcase your designs.

Why Choose DG Club Print on Demand?

  • Over a decade of experience in the print on demand sector.
  • A strong marketing network that ensures effortless sales for creators.
  • A dedicated team focused on turning your designs into sales, not just showcasing them.
  • Free social media promotions for select products.
  • Support in establishing your brand, expanding your customer base.
  • In-house manufacturing for competitive pricing and fair earnings for creators.
  • Comprehensive workshops to nurture new creators in the POD business.